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Preschool Gymnastics

At InterActive Academy, gymnastics starts at 20 months, where toddlers participate with a parent in a structured class. Our preschool program is designed for children to move up through classes based on skills progression. Our classes not only teach gymnastics skills but also motor development skills, social skills, and more!

Why should preschoolers do gymnastics?
Gymnastics teaches kinesthetic (physical) and proprioceptive (body shape) awareness to build skills moving the body in extraordinary ways. Many ways you or your child might not think of during normal activity. Early introduction to basic gymnastic concepts helps students become more confident learners when they start school!

Physical Benefits:
•Flexibility (range of motion)
•Agility (changing directions of movement quickly)
•Strength (upper and lower body, core; increase bone density)

How do these help in school?
•Spatial Awareness (learning left to right for writing and reading)
•Memory skills are increased
•Sequencing (strong sequencing skills help identify and recall patterns when learning math and spelling)

Questions? Contact our Program Director
Beth Michalak
317-733-3000 x1134

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