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Building Healthy, Fit, and Confident Kids


At InterActive Academy Swim School, we teach children in a warm, colorful, clean facility. Our instructors build trust which enables your child to not only be comfortable in the water but also confident and competent with his/her swimming skills.

Swim Diapers
All children wearing a swim diaper MUST wear an IA approved swim diaper cover over their disposable swim diaper. These can be purchased at the pool or the front desk. This is not optional!
Questions? Contact our Swim Staff
317-733-3000 x1204
Class Selection
Please choose a class that best fits your child's swimming ability by meeting ALL of the requirements WITHOUT an inflatable life saving device. If you are unsure what level would be appropriate, please contact our swim directors to schedule an evaluation. Classes are in order of skill level.
View our swim terminology if you are unsure of a type of skill.

Children ages 9 to 30 months start here!
Parent or caregiver will accompany child in pool with instructor

Ages 30mo - 12 years

Brand new swimmer? Not comfortable with their face in the water OR blowing bubbles? Start here...
Angelfish 1
If your child is... Comfortable in the water AND Can float on front and back with help AND Can safely get out of the pool register for...
Angelfish 2
If your child is... Comfortable with face in the water AND Can glide independently AND Can slide in and float with help register for...
Jellyfish 1
If your child can... Float on front and back AND Streamline front glide AND Can jump in, rollover, and float register for...
Jellyfish 2
If your child can... Front and back glide AND kick with rollovers AND has had an introduction to freestyle register for...
Puffer Fish
If your child can... Kick across the pool on front and back AND has had an introduction to side-breathing register for...
If your child can... Do backstroke arms AND freestyle with side-breathing across pool AND tread water while singing the ABCs register for...
If your child can... Freestyle and backstroke for 100yds AND has had an intro to breaststroke arms and kicks AND has had an intro to dolphin kicks register for...
If your child can... Freestyle for 8 laps AND backstroke for 6 laps AND breaststroke for 25 yds AND has had an intro to butterfly AND flip-turns register for...
Rainbow Fish

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