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InterActive Academy Safety Newsletter

InterActive Academy has been in business for 17 years and is committed to teaching your children in a safe, professional and positive environment.
Here are some new updates & a few reminders about InterActive Academy:
(updated 9/4/19)
Construction completed- new preschool parent viewing area is a great place to view your preschool child participating in classes. Our 2nd gym space addition also has a nice viewing area for parents to watch their kids at all times.
Background checks- We have nationwide fingerprint checks through the FBI, as well as performing expanded Criminal History Check for Indiana School Corporations which includes Nationwide Criminal Search (National Sex Offender Registry), social security number trace & three-county searches. We will add additional county searches as needed based on the applicant's address history.
NBA policy- Our staff continues to be trained and required to comply with our NBA policy (never be alone with a child).
Video monitoring- Our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art video system with 132 cameras to enable us to monitor inside and outside our facility.
Weekly gym training- We provide weekly safety training to gym staff on best practices to enhance workplace safety, equipment safety and the safety of your children.
We are constantly looking to improve our processes and infrastructure to meet the highest standards of safety with regards to the children at IA. We will not cut corners nor will we stop improving all of our processes and work on our personnel and infrastructure. We will continue to create a safe atmosphere for learning and enjoyment of our staff and the children in their charge.
Here is how you can help us stay safe at IA:
Illness: If your child is ill, please keep them home. Your child must be free of fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and pink eye for 24 hours. Please keep your child home if they are experiencing green mucus, undiagnosed rashes, or can not participate in daily activities with reasonable comfort.
Circle Drive: Please use this to drop off your children QUICKLY (per the Fire Marshal). Sitting & waiting for your child causes a line backed up onto Michigan Rd which is causing a major safety concern.
Preschool gym class parents: Must park and bring their children into the facility down to the lower level doors. Never drop off children 5 & under in our circle drive. Please stay in the building or assign another parent to be on watch during your child's class in case bathroom assistance is needed.
Viewing Area & Lobbies: Please do not allow your children to do gymnastics while waiting. Keep them off the rock wall, railings and railings along the staircase. No standing or jumping on couches. Siblings should be waiting with parents and supervised at all times.
No children or strollers allowed on the track: Adults use the track for running and walking. Please be sure to keep children in the viewing area and off the track and the attached stair cases.
Playground: Children are only allowed on the playground with a parent present. The front playground is the only one to be used. Back playground is for school use only.
Clothing for classes/practices: Please be sure children are dressed in appropriate clothing for their classes. No zippers or loose clothing in the gym. Long hair should always be tied up. Please see your child’s instructor or program director if you have any questions.
Drop off/Pick up times: Please be sure you are dropping off and picking your children up ON TIME. Team parents, our building closes down at 9:00 pm. BE SURE you are here by then. IF there is an emergency situation, call the front desk immediately. Class parents, be sure you know when & where your child's class starts and ends. Preschool parents MUST come downstairs to the doors to pick up children from their teacher.
Report any questionable activity: For the safety of all our children, staff and families, please do not hesitate to bring a concern to our attention by calling 317-733-3000 x1129 or x1154 or emailing us at kendra.brens@interactivegym.or or barb.weaver@interactivegym.org
We appreciate your business and your attention to all of our safety policies!
Kendra Brens & Barb Weaver, Co-Executive Directors, InterActive Academy

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